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The Mitochondrial Reproductive Advice Clinic (MRAC) is undertaken by Dr GrĂ¡inne Gorman (Consultant in Mitochondrial Medicine) & Catherine Feeney (Nurse Consultant in Mitochondrial Medicine). It is based within the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. This clinic will review and confirm the genetic diagnosis, assess fitness for pregnancy from a mitochondrial disease perspective and offer psychological support and advice regarding reproductive options. Including IVF- based techniques such as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and Mitochondrial Donation. Once assessed in this clinic, and if considered appropriate, you will be referred to the Mitochondrial Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Mito-ART) Clinic.

The Mito-ART Clinic is run by Dr Jane Stewart (Consultant in Reproductive Medicine) and Professor Robert McFarland (Professor of Paediatric Mitochondrial Medicine) at the Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life, Newcastle.  This clinic will offer more in depth information and assess suitability for IVF-based techniques (including PGD and Mitochondrial Donation) for women who harbour mitochondrial DNA mutations.